Client Services

With our Priority Search approach, Trent Lastinger and Associates works in partnership with you to define an effective plan for those high priority searches that will have the most critical impact on your bottom line.  Our capabilities to meet and exceed your expectations are second to none.

At the core of our success sits years and years of valuable relationships that we have developed with the top 20% in your market, which gives our firm a distinct advantage over generalist firms.  The benefit you will find to our approach is that because we have built trust and understanding with these candidates, we understand their underlying values, what each personally finds most rewarding with their individual career, and what is important to them when making career related decision.  Because of our proven process that keeps us constantly in front of these high value candidates, our firm has become a trusted career advisor which they rely on when the time comes to make a critical career decision.

Lastinger Associates prides itself on the notion of “Specific Market Space Attention”.  We have specific focus in your market – period.  Most generalist firms follow the money and go where there are projects, meaning they never fully grasp or understand the nuances of your market.   We track market news, are up to date and current with who is performing and who is not.

For all our clients, it is this focus that leads to reduced risk and helps to prevent costly hiring mistakes.Our Mission is to partner with you as a priority client and help to successfully build your vision, not just place another open job order.  We want to a part of your building process.It is through our intimate relationships with top talent in your market that your story, vision, and culture become compelling.  Value is bringing the parties together with a common vision…..