Candidate Services

The Trent Lastinger and Associates CandidateCentric SearchTM Program represents a paradigm shift in career advancement and a shift from traditional job search.  The program is designed specifically for Executives that take their careers very seriously and would rather use a proven strategy versus hope when it is time to take a serious look at new and exciting career opportunities.

Lastinger Associates is the one of the only firms that work as agents for corporate executives that consistently outperforms their peers.  If chosen to participate in our program, we will work with you to design a strategy that clearly defines your career story and the value you have to offer.  We will then work to put you in front of the types of organizations where you feel you could bring a lot of value.  Our primary goal here is to maximize your exposure with key executives, and to create a situation where you are evaluating multiple offers from organizations that recognize your value.  Always in a position of strength, likely outcomes include opportunities with organizations that clearly align with your personal goals as well as maximized compensation.  All will be done in a completely confidential and discrete manner that will generate results.

For the right candidates, we will work with you to not only identify the right types of companies, but then make the confidential presentations with hiring officials (not HR) to discuss your background.  Our goals are simple – we will work to have 50 to 60 presentations regarding your expertise, with goal of converting 10% of those to face to face interviews.  From these 5 to 6 interviews, the goal is to obtain 3 to 4 offers for your consideration.  This bidding war will maximize your total compensation including salary, equity position and benefits.

For more information on our CandidateCentric SearchTM program, please contact us.