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Trent Lastinger Associates, Molecular Diagnostics, Molecular Medicine, Recruiter

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Based in Granite Bay, CA, Lastinger Associates provides recruiting solutions and consulting services to clients within the specific markets of Molecular Diagnostics and Molecular Medicine. "Our mission is to build a legacy through the positive growth and evolvement of our candidates, clients and families."

Lastinger Associates was founded on two very simple, yet fundamental principles:
-Positively impact the lives of Candidates through the enhancement of their careers.
-Positively impact our Clients through the introduction to the best talent possible. Click here to learn more...


For the candidate seeking the next career move... CandidateCentric Search™ brings a proven strategic process to the advancement of your career. Your strengths..., achievements, and goals have marked you as one of the elite. Thus, every aspect of your career plan must be taken seriously. Enter CandidateCentric Search™; our no-fee service where we leverage your talents and your career story to establish demand for you in the marketplace.Our commitment and proven process ensures you always operate from a position of strength (not need). This results in superior opportunities to advance your career and maximize your total compensation. Lastinger Associates is one of the only firms that also works as the agent for leading corporate executives.Click here to learn more...


For the company looking to fill an executive role... CandidateCentric Search™ plugs you into our existing affiliation with the top talent in your industry. Rather than sifting through dozens of resumes in a talent-short market, we deliver three to five candidates who match your specific criteria, within an aggressive time line. Our approach is based on the principles of Topgrading, where companies win by hiring the best people. CandidateCentric Search™ delivers rapid access to precision-matched candidates who possess the strengths and skills that translate into heightened value and success for your company. The resulting synergy stimulates growth and revenue while reducing the risks of costly hiring mistakes—branding your firm with unique advantages that only the right candidate can provide. Click here to learn more...